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Welcome to Vito Pini Hair Coloring Salon in Denver, Colorado. If you are looking specifically for Balayage coloring services, you have come to the right place. Our experienced Balayage hair coloring experts can help you get the results you want.

If you are a first time client for Vito Pini and are interested in trying our salon for any of our hair coloring services in Denver – then we have a gift for you: A free consultation and 20% OFF any Vito Pini Hair Coloring service.







STEP 1:   Print out the coupon at the top

STEP 2:  Please call 303-990-5112 and tell the receptionist that you want to book an appointment for Vito Pini Hair Coloring Services. Please give this code when calling. CODE: GAWHC 010115


Please Call To Discuss Pricing


 Hair Color Correction priced upon consultation. Hair Color Services do not include haircut or style. If you would like to have a haircut or a styled blow dry, please indicate this when making your appointment. If you would like to style your own hair, we will gladly  provide brushes, blow dryer and products for your use.

Hair Coloring Services are listed at a starting price and are subject to change without notice depending on the stylist, your personal needs, amount of hair (thickness & length) and any special techniques used. Therefore, prices cannot be quoted without a personal consultation.  So please be sure to clarify pricing with your stylist before starting any coloring service.