Information For Booking Online


Booking online for any Vito Pini Service is fairly easy, but there are a few simple things you should know BEFORE booking online for the first time…




If you have never been a client of Vito Pini in the past, you WILL be able to start an online profile with us but WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BOOK ONLINE (for your first visit) until after your first appointment (that was initially booked over the phone) is completed. Click here to get started with setting up an online profile: START ONLINE PROFILE NOW!

EXISTING CLIENT OF VITO PINI (but have NEVER booked on line with our system):

You WILL be able to book online with our system, but will have to create a profile first. Just follow the steps by creating a profile. Make sure to use the email that WE have on file for you.You then will be issued a validation number from the system. Just copy this number into the system when prompted and your set to go! Click here to get started: BOOK ONLINE NOW  and go right to the bottom where it says ‘New Guest’.

EXISTING CLIENTS of VITO PINI (and HAVE booked online previously):

You know what to do! BOOK ONLINE NOW!



If you have received an error message that states: “Your password could not be sent to the email provided”. This means that we don’t have that exact email associated with your profile within our system. Please call us at 303-399-6000, and we will gladly add it to your profile.