Evolve Hair Replacement and Restoration for Women

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The Evolve Hair Replacement Process 



What is the Evolve Volumizer?
The Evolve Volumizer is a hair integration system for women who have lost less than 50% of their hair in the top and crown area. It also adds volume, length and color without the use of chemicals. The Evolve Volumizer is also a great compliment with extensions and/or wefts.
What is the difference between the Volumizer and hair extensions?
The Volumizer is a semi-permanent hairpiece which can be integrated with your own hair. It creates volume and fullness. Hair extensions add length and are usually bonded to your own hair. They do not add fullness to the crown area.
How much does it cost?
The cost can vary depending on the density, color and quality of hair. Volumizer prices are customized according to your needs and are determined upon consultation. On average, the cost breaks down to approximately $6.80 a day which includes the installation and upkeep.
How easy it is to match my color?
Very easy. You would never notice any difference.

Am I able to dye the color of the hair?
The Volumizer’s hair color can only be changed to a darker color. For this reason, if you wanted to have highlights in your Volumizer, it is best to start with a lighter color and add the darker color for the same effect.
What about naturally curly hair? Can you match this?
If you have naturally curly hair, we can match this 100%.
How long does it last?
With proper care, the Volumizer can last up to a full year.
How often do I have to come back to the salon to have it done?
For the average person, a reset will usually be needed every 4-5 weeks, but this can vary on each person’s individual hair growth. It usually takes just 45 minutes or less to do a reset.
How do I maintain my Volumizer?
You will receive a special Volumizer brush and a maintenance brochure. You may also visit our Care and Maintenance section of this website for more information.
Is there a chance that the Volumizer will damage my hair?
No. Your natural hair will not be damaged. Unlike extensions, gravity does not work against your hair. The connection points used to attach the Volumizer have rounded edges to protect any hair breakage.
How long does it take to have it done?
The application times can vary depending on hair length and density. You can expect the service to take between one to two hours.