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Enjoy your Great Lengths Discount, Denver!

If you are a first time client of Vito Pini and are interested in Great Lengths Hair Extensions in Denver, then we have a gift for you: A free consultation and 10% OFF any Great Lengths Hair Extensions service. We want you to experience Denver’s best Great Lengths Salon. Our experienced Great Lengths Hair Extensions experts and knowledgeable staff can give you that new look you’ve been looking for.



STEP 1:   Print out the coupon at the top

STEP 2:  Please call 303-990-5112 and tell the receptionist that you want a free consultation for Vito Pini Great Lengths Hair Extension services. Please give this code when calling. CODE: GAWGL 010115




ABOUT Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions

Simply put, the Great Lengths brand human hair extensions are the best hair extensions on the market today.

We are trained and certified by the Great Lengths Hair Extensions Organization. We are one of only a few Great Lengths approved vendors in the state of Colorado.

All of the hair by Great Lengths comes from The Temples of India. This is the best place and source in the world for virgin hair. There is simply no better hair quality anywhere else on the planet.

Out of all the hair extension companies in the world, Great Lengths Hair Extensions are the only ones who do not use any toxic chemicals (bleach/ammonia) in the process of depigmentation/pigmentation. Click here for more information on the Great Lengths Setting For Fair Standards.



Interested how the Great Lengths Hair Extensions are made? Check out this short video on the process!



Hair extension pricing is based on many factors: length of hair, amount of extensions needed, and stylist are just some of the variables that need to be determined before an exact price can be quoted. The good news is that Vito Pini offers a one time FREE consultation for every client. An appointment is needed for this free consultation. To make your complimentary appointment or for more information on Vito Pini’s hair extensions services – please call us today at 303-399-6000 to make your appointment.

Your hair extensions consultation is free and won’t take much time at all. If you decide to purchase any hair extensions services at that time (or within 2 weeks from your consultation date) you will receive 10% off any of our regular hair extensions services.

You have nothing to lose. Free consultation and 10% off if you feel comfortable with us! We are confident that once you experience Vito Pini’s hair extensions services in Denver, you won’t go to any other hair extensions salon!

For more information on Great Lengths Hair Extensions, please visit them at http://www.greatlengths.net