Meet JAMIE: Vito Pini’s Spray Tanning Guru

Meet Jamie

Jamie Bagley is Vito Pini’s tanning guru. After working for a Dermatologist’s office for 3 years, she became dedicated to the fight against skin cancer, wrinkles and sun damage. In 2009 she decided to start spray tanning to promote a healthy, safe and smart way to look sexy and tan.

Jamie has been building up a loyal client base by offering spray tanning in a super relaxed, fun and warm environment. Even if you’re a first timer, she does a fantastic job of making you feel super comfortable.

Jamie has developed her own style and technique to her spray tanning. Her tanning style guarantees flawless, even and beautiful coverage. She has an incredible ability to make her clients look natural and sun kissed, while accentuating their natural curves and muscle tone. People always tell her that their favorite part of their tan is the feeling that they look skinnier and toned.

Jamie is continuing to take on new clients and giving them the best glow in Denver! Call, or email Vito Pini for an appointment with Jamie!


Here is what people are saying about Jamie…

“I’d had never tried spray tanning before, and my girlfriend recommended Jamie to get a tan for a vacation we had coming up.  My tan turned out awesome, it looked like a real tan, no orange at all.  I will definitely get more tans for upcoming events.”

“Jamie’s tans are the BOMB!! She always makes me nice and dark, and my tans always look even and smooth.  Having her beautiful tans are sort of addicting! Beware! ”

“I’ve tried all kinds of tanning solutions including lotions, at home sprays and  stand up booths, none of them would stay on my VERY WHITE SKIN! So of course I was very skeptical that my tan would look natural or last past one shower. The first time Jamie spray tanned me (which was about two years ago) I looked amazing and the tan actually lasted!
I used to be a tanning bed queen in my teens and early twenties until I began to see my skin changing for the worst. Jamie now allows me to look hot and bronzed without the ugly spots and icky wrinkles (wear your sunscreen ladies!).
I will never go a week, party or vacation without my beautifully “sun kissed” skin by Jamie! ”

“I was super impressed by Jamie’s attention to detail.  She was also funny and made me totally comfortable standing in my underwear considering I’d just met her. She rocks, I’ve sent practically my whole office her way…”

“I have had several types of spray tans over the last ten years, including decent ones and bad ones.  Jamie has sprayed me several times over the last year and she is AMAZING! Her spray tan is by far the BEST I have ever had.  The product she uses does not turn orange or smell chemicals. Her expertise and training in spraying give a smooth and perfect tan! Her system allows for tanning options!  My daughter is very fair and she can spray her lighter, so it looks more natural.  I am darker toned, so she can spray me darker.  She provides a comfortable setting that makes the customer feel at ease while being sprayed. Being sun cautious these days is important! Glow and Go provides a sun free and chemically safe way to look beautiful all year long!”

“I have used Jamie for all of my spray tans over the past year and a half.  She does an AMAZING job, and it totally looks natural.  Believe me, I have used the spray booths, but having her spray you is the way to go! I would recommend her to anyone that was thinking about getting a spray tan!”