Denver Micro Point Link / Cyber Hair™

Denver Micro Point Link / Cyber Hair™ is now here

…at Vito Pini Salon and Spa!


Finally there is now a new and incredible lower cost hair replacement option in Denver. Vito Pini Salon and Spa has always been one of Denver’s top salons for hair extensions and replacement options and now we are adding another exiting service…


Denver Micro Point Link / Cyber Hair™


Available for Men and Women, Micro Point Link (by Cyberhair™) is the latest development in non-surgical hair replacement techniques. The hair and the process itself are patented. Vito Pini Salon and Spa are one of the very few licensed and trained salons to offer this new technique.






Micro Point Link/ Cyber Hair ™ is not better or worse than our other signature hair replacement techniques (mainly: Great Lengths Hair Extensions) – just different. The main differences between micro point link and Great lengths are:

• Denver Micro Point Link / Cyber Hair™ can cover thinning sections of hair.  Great Lengths are just for extending an already existing piece(s) of hair

• Denver Micro Point Link / Cyber Hair™ is synthetic VS real human hair (makes the cost lower)

• Color won’t fade over time

• Denver Micro Point Link / Cyber Hair™ is lighter weight to create volume on top of the head

• More cost effective

• Helps in alleviating the self-consciousness due to Alopecia and other scalp conditions


Before & After Photos

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b a micro pinit cyber hair

See the 3 Micro Point / Cyber Hair video below:

THE BENEFITS of Denver Micro Point Link / Cyber Hair™

• NO waiting for treatments to ‘kick in’

• NO lasers or Surgery

• NO limitations

• NO lifestyle changes


Denver Micro Point Link / Cyber Hair™ Pricing:

The pricing for Micro Point Link / Cyber Hair™ is based on a few personal factors. The good news is that Vito Pini offers a one time FREE consultation for every client. An appointment is needed for this free consultation. To make your complimentary appointment or for more information on any of Vito Pini’s hair extensions services – please call us today at 303-399-6000. Remember, whatever your needs may be for fine, thinning, see-through hair, or short hair – we have ALL the solutions for your new look. Our thorough consultations and advice will educate you and help you to achieve the new look that you have been dreaming of…



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