Referral Rewards Program (R.R.P.)

We Love Loyalty…


Loyal customers are a vital part of any business. We here at Vito Pini love loyal customers and want to show you just how much! We will have a $10 Starbucks’ gift cars for every client that you refer to Vito Pini. You will find your Starbucks card at the front desk in an envelope with your name on it. Just come in anytime (whether you have an appointment or not) and tell the receptionist your name and that you would like to pick up your Starbucks card! It’s that easy.  There’s plenty more where that came from too. You will receive another Starbucks card for every client that you send our way!


There’s no limit on the amount of Starbucks cards we are willing to give! 


starbucks logo






Here are some of the details and rules:

  • The client that you refer to us MUST give us your name at the time his/her services have been completed.

  • The ‘Referrer’ (you) AND the ‘referree’ (them) must have an active email on file. This is how we alert you that a Starbucks card is waiting.

  • A child that receives a product or service will not count as a referral.

  • You must have a rewards number set up in our system to track the people that you refer to us. This is a free service, just notify the front desk that you want a rewards number.

  • They must have completed and paid for a service or retail product(s) with us in the amount $70 (or more).

  • This program is NOT retro-active. Any client referral before 2/1/14 will not be considered for this program.

  • If you want to receive your Starbucks card by mail (instead of picking it up), please notify us via email at

  • The cards have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash at Vito Pini.

  • A referral must be a new client of/at Vito Pini. If they are in our system then they will be considered a previously existing client and therefore will not be in consideration for this promotional Starbucks card giveaway.

  • If the referred client uses any coupon in conjunction with payment for any service/product, this would disqualify the referrer from qualifying for the Starbucks card.