About Our Hair Salon

Vito Pini Award-Winning Hair Salon in Denver

 Looking for an award-winning hair salon in Denver?  Whether you call it a beauty salon or hair salon – Vito Pini should be your home for all your hair salon needs. With our large professional staff and convenient location (in the downtown Belmar shopping district), we have become one of the premier hair salons in Denver, Colorado. We guarantee all of our work with the use of our professional home hair care regime. We offer an extensive array of hair salon services to fit your needs. Personal hair salon consultations are always complimentary.

When we say that we “strive for perfection”, it means more than doing the actual service you asked for. It means that we want all areas of our salon to be as close to perfect as possible. Our ability to listen to your needs, competency of the front desk, handling complaints, and cleanliness are just a few examples of the different areas that we constantly evaluate and refine. Put them all together, along with stylists who are actual artists – and you get a salon experience that should be second to none. We hope that our salon gives you everything that you expected. Whether it’s a quick haircut or a full spa day, we hope you feel as though you got much more than what you were seeking.

vito pini salon and day spa marble sign inside

Our History

(Established in 1996)

Vito Pini Salon has been a thriving successful high-end hair salon and spa since 1996. Originally, Vito Pini Salon and Boutique Spa started in the Cherry Creek shopping district of Denver, Colorado. Seeing the great opportunity out west in the new upscale Belmar Shopping District, we moved and set up our permanent home there in 2006. To better serve our clients, we combined both salons in 2010 and now have one big, beautiful location at the current Belmar address.

Since 1996, we’ve strived for perfection. We specialize in hair extensions, but the bread and butter of our business consists of daily salon services like: Hair-Color, Haircuts, Waxing, Hair Straightening, Facials, Full Body Waxing, Permanent Makeup & More!

To this day, we continue to seek out only the most talented of employees and take pride in maintaining our upper-echelon level of service. Vito Pini Salon and Boutique Spa remains one of the most sought-after “go-to” salons in the Denver area. We are very proud of that!


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