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There is no doubt about it, everyone one looks better with a tan, especially a spray tanning! These days more and more people in Denver are doing spray tanning in lieu of traditional sun tanning or bed tanning. Its faster, easier, and safer. A Vito Pini spray tan comes with some advantages over other spray tanning salons in Denver. Here are some popular answers to some questions you might be pondering:



Will I be orangeABSOLUTELY NOT!  Your spray tanning color will be super natural.  If you turn out orange, We will give you your money back! (Meaning: ‘turning orange’ is impossible!)

Does is smell funny? Nope.

What is the difference between a spray tanning that Vito Pini offers and other ‘booth’ style spray tans? Great question! A Vito Pini tan is ‘hand applied’ – not machine applied. This means that your color will be applied EVENLY, not splotchy. Your color will also look more natural, because it is controlled by a real person who can see inconsistencies forming and then compensate accordingly. It is also less claustrophobic and you can breathe freely without having to hold your breath – like you have to do in that spray ‘thingy’.

How long will my spray tan last? Anywhere from 5-9 days.  It totally depends on your lifestyle.  Spending time in bodies of water (pools, hot tubs, oceans) will make the color fade faster. Using lotion to keep your skin hydrated is also key to helping your tan last. We also offer the coolest product called “prep spray.” It’s a formula that goes on clear, provides mild exfoliation, and allows your tan to last up to 25-30% longer!  Plus, it makes your skin super soft.

How long does it take to spray tan? A single spray tanning session takes approx. 15-30 minutes.

What do I wear? Whatever you’re most comfortable in!  Women can wear both a top and a bottom, just a bottom or totally nude.  Men must wear bottoms.

Will I be tan immediately after I get spray tanning? Yep! You will have an awesome tan line (or maybe not…) when you leave us!

Can I work out, shower or go swimming right after my spray tan? This one is a NO, unfortunately!  You will need to wait 8 hours before excessive sweating or getting in water.

Will this get on my clothes? Usually not. We definitely recommend wearing dark, loose clothing after your tan. If any it comes off on your clothes or your sheets, it will come out in the wash.

Does the color dye my hair? Nope, it only reacts with skin.

Are you SURE I’m not going to be orange? Positive. Our formula is sugar beet based as opposed to carrot based.

Where do you get your spray tanning formula from? South Seas Skin Care. It’s the best of the best. It’s the exact same color that the Dancing With The Stars, True Blood and Mad Men cast gets. In fact, the same awesome technician who sprays the cast is the same awesome technician who taught our tanning guru, how to spray. Here’s a list of the many, many other celebrities and visual media clients who rock the same formula that you will be getting!

Does this formula have sunscreen in it? Definitely not! Please make sure to apply a SPF level 30 or higher anytime you’re outdoors. Remember that wearing daily sunscreen can make the biggest difference when it comes to aging and wrinkles.

Is your spray tanning method safe? 100% Absolutely.  In fact, spray tanning is actually really good for your skin. Our formula has anti-aging and skin firming properties. It’s organic and PARABEN free!



Spray Tanning Preparation:

Prepping your skin properly can make or break your spray tan!  Here’s some easy tips to make sure your tan turns out fabulous.

1. Exfoliate! This is the most important part! Before your appointment – exfoliate really well, with either a loofah or gritty exfoliating scrub. Just make sure if you use an exfoliating scrub, that it’s oil free. Oil will repel the tanning solution. I recommend something simple like St. Ives Apricot Scrub. 2. No deodorant. Deodorant will also repel the tanning solution. 3. No makeup. It’s not essential that you have a bare face, but if you have time to wash your face beforehand, it always helps. 4. Little or no moisturizers. It’s ok if you applied a light, water based moisturizer a few hours beforehand, but again if you have time to shower it off before the tan, it’s definitely better. 5. If you have long hair, wear it up with your bangs out of your face. 6. Take off any jewelry that would leave a tan line.


Vito Pini Spray Tanning Pricing:

One Spray Tanning Session…$35

Two Spray Tanning Sessions…$50

Three Spray Tanning Sessions…$65

Double Shot Add…$15

Moisturizing Pre-Prep Spray Add…$10

For ‘Before and After’ photos of people who have spray tanned, CLICK HERE.