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… took the time to walk me through the process so I felt more comfortable.

LeAnne S.
Denver, CO

I first visited Vito Pini after having a terrible experience at the P**l M*tch*ll school right down the street. Mandy helped to fix my botched hair.

Vito Pini is an upscale, clean and full service salon in the Belmar Shopping Centre. They are extremely well organized with a rewards program. The staff is friendly and prompt. I saw Catherine who is professional and does really good work. Basically if you are looking for a Cherry Creek quality salon without killing yourself with the construction and general lack of parking, Vito Pini is a really good option in a nice location close to a lot of fun shops, with a great staff and top notch beauty products.  –  Robyn R. (From Google PLUS)

– Robyn R.

…I tried out the Vito Pini Salon, and it was a wonderful experience. I got a cut and highlight with Bri, and she patiently listened to my concerns and my experiences with my hear. After a great consultation, she gave me just what I was hoping for – great highlights and a beautiful cut! I feel fantastic and they have earned a loyal customer!  – Jessica H. (from Google +)