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Welcome to Vito Pini Nail Salon in Denver! Whether you are looking for a mani/pedi in Denver, Vito Pini Nail Spa and Nail Salon in Denver, Colorado has every nail salon service for men and women under the sun. Manicures, pedicures, and nail repair, are just part of the Vito Pini nail salon treatment. Let us pamper your hands and feet with a caring touch.

We caress, massage, moisturize, and exfoliate your hands, feet, and nails to soften your skin and beautify your appearance. Our goal is to help you show off your hands and feet with pride! Let our trained professional nail technicians show you what Vito Pini Nail Salon in Denver is all about!

Our nail technicians believe in the credo that: “Beauty is the by-product of good health”. That’s why we start our procedures from a health prospective FIRST! When you leave the Vito Pini Nail Salon in Denver, of course your hands and feet will look beautiful…but they will also be healthy…

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Nail Salon Services and Pricing Guide

The Pedicure:

Our Weightless Pedicures are all performed in “Zero Gravity The Perfect Chair”. This chair is a perfect fit for everyone because it creates the best circulation and relaxation for the body.  We line the chair with a feather bed to provide the ultimate in relaxation.  You will be comforted with a warm neck wrap, eye pillow and blanket.


Check out the short demonstration video on the Zero Gravity Perfect Chair:

Please choose the Weightless Pedicure you desire from the options below.

Exclusive: PRICE $65 – Hot foot soak, shaping & filing of the nails, trimming of cuticles, callous buffing, exfoliation of feet and legs, hot towels, hydrating Eco Fin treatment, warm booties, Luxurious massage followed by polish. Estimated Time: 1 hour 20 min

Elite: PRICE $55 – Hot foot soak, shaping and filing of the nails, trimming of cuticles, callous buffing, exfoliation of feet and legs, hot towels, cucumber heal therapy, warm booties followed by polish. Estimated Time: 1 hour

Express Pedicure: PRICE $45 – Refresh and beautify your feet in a jiffy! Hot foot soak, callus buffing,shaping and filing of the nails. Cuticle trim, Cucumber Heal Therapy followed by a light massage and polish. Estimated Time: 30-45 Mins

Ultimate Indulgence: PRICE $80 –  Don’t bother getting up. The true quintessential service of the Exclusive Manicure/Pedicure done in our amazing “Perfect Chair.” Estimated Time: 1 Hour and 30 Mins


The Manicure:

Exclusive: PRICE $45 –  Shaping and filing of the nails, trimming of the cuticles. Exfoliation of hands and arms, hot towels, hydrating Eco Fin warm mitts, luxurious massage followed by polish (Add GEL or Shellac for $15). Estimated Time: 1 Hour 

Express Manicure: PRICE $30 –  For clients on the go this manicure will reshape the nails, cleanup the cuticles, callus buffing and a light massage followed by polish. Estimated Time: 30 to 45 Mins

Buff & Polish: PRICE $20 – Clipping, filing and shaping of the nails followed by cuticle clean up and polish. For your hands or toes. Estimated Time: 30 Mins

Little Princess: PRICE $25  – A sweet treat for tiny hands and feet.

Extended Wear Manicure: PRICE $45 –  (Gel or Shellac)


The Mani/Pedi:

Exclusive ManicurePRICE $100 – A combination of the ‘Exclusive’ manicure and the ‘Exclusive’ pedicure. Estimated Time: 2 – 2.5 Hours

Express Mani/Pedi: PRICE $60 – A combination of the ‘Express’ manicure and the ‘Express’ pedicure  Estimated Time: 1 Hour



Especially For Him:

Vito Manicure: PRICE $30  –    Nails and cuticles are expertly groomed, arms and hands are exfoliated with Bourbon Bubbler (a Kentucky Whiskey) Body Scrub, hot towels are applied, and hands are moisturized and massaged. Estimated Time: 40 Mins

Vito Pedicure: PRICE $45 –  Hot foot soak, nails and cuticles are expertly groomed. You will receive an Invigorating foot and leg exfoliation, with Bourbon Bubbler (a Kentucky Bourbon Body Scrub). Hot towels, Nails buffed to a high gloss shine followed by our Luxurious massage. Estimated Time: 40 Mins


 All manicures come with a heated neck wrap. Calming essential oils are offered before your pedicure for optimum relaxation. Stimulating essential oils are offered at the end of your service.


 For additional information on Vito Pini Nail Salon in Denver, Colorado please call us at 303-399-6000