Screen Shots for Facebook

Instructions for connecting with Vito Pini on Facebook




Log on to YOUR Facebook account. Once you are logged in, search (at the top) for ‘Vito Pini Salon’. Pick the first VITO PINI (the one with the Logo!)

The screen should look like this:

search for vito pini




Once you click on the Vito Pini business (the one with the logo), click the LIKE button (the black circle).

Your screen should look like this:




If you did it correctly, the ‘LIKE’ will change to ‘LIKED’. See the image below





STEP 3: (To FOLLOW us):

If you want to ‘follow us’, just hover your mouse over the new ‘LIKED’ button and check the ‘GET NOTIFICATIONS’ option.

Your screen should look like this:


fb notifications



And your done!